Picture of Ashtray Chrome Graff'ty Multicolor

Ashtray Chrome Graff'ty Multicolor


The Graff'ty collection is inspired by street art, turning lighters and pens into veritable works of art. Bright colours and mosaics of red, yellow and blue burst forth on Ligne 2, Biggy, Line D Eternity and cigar accessories (ashtray, cigar cutter, case). This collection invites everyone to light the flame of creativity.

Porcelain ashtray decorated with the Graff'ty motif.
Hand-painted notches and contours.

Picture of Ashtray Chrome Trinidad Black

Ashtray Chrome Trinidad Black


To celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Trinidad brand, S.T. Dupont and Habanos S.A. have combined their legendary expertise in an elegant and timeless edition.
Deep blacks and three shades of sunny gold, recalling the soft colours of the city of Trinidad and the refined work of tobacco artisans, the monogram of the Trinidad house illuminates S.T. lighters and accessories. Dupont lighters and accessories.
All the items in this collection bear the S.T. signature. Dupont signature and a ‘55’ graphic, the anniversary celebrated this year by Trinidad cigars.

Large porcelain ashtray decorated with the Trinidad monogram. The design of the ashtray as well as the gilded outline are applied by hand..

Picture of Ashtray Dragon Red

Ashtray Dragon Red


Porcelain ashtray. The iconic S.T. Dupont dragon is illustrated on the body of this bordeaux-colored accessory.

Picture of Ashtray Koi Fish Koi fish Blue

Ashtray Koi Fish Koi fish Blue


The new S.T. Dupont collection draws inspiration from Japanese woodblock prints, specifically the koi fish, a symbol of courage and perseverance. An captivating collection that pays tribute to the beauty of nature.

Large ashtray decorated with the koi fish motif, hand-gilded details.

Picture of Ashtray Memento mori memento mori Black

Ashtray Memento mori memento mori Black


The Memento Mori animation is a reinterpretation of S.T. Dupont's iconic "Skulls & Flowers" collection. The Maison drew inspiration from the Latin phrase "Memento Mori," which reminds us of the preciousness of life and the necessity to fully embrace each moment.

Grand ashtray decorated with the Memento Mori motif, handcrafted silver outlines.

Picture of Ashtray Porcelain Fire X Black

Ashtray Porcelain Fire X Black


Inspired by the X-Bag, one of the bags from the leather goods collection developed this season by S.T. Dupont, Fire X presents its reinterpretation of the iconic flame tip on the classics of the House.

Ashtray decorated with the Fire X motif.
Porcelain ashtray.

Picture of Big 5 large ashtray

Big 5 large ashtray


S.T. Dupont is adding to its cigar range with a new collection of large, patterned ashtrays. It features two cigar rests, a wide base and a design inspired by the power and strength of natural elements. This Big 5 ashtray is an essential for cigar connoisseurs as well as a unique decor element.



Picture of White Picasso Ashtray

White Picasso Ashtray


With this Limited Edition "Portrait of Jacqueline with Straw Hat", S.T. Dupont honors for the fourth time one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso, whose 50th anniversary of death is commemorated in 2023. This Edition is a tribute to Jacqueline, his last wife, the ultimate muse of his life. In 1962, he created a multitude of portraits of Jacqueline, wearing a straw hat. In the version represented on S.T. Dupont products, he combines bright colors with darker elements. Although presented from the front, Jacqueline's face also contains profile elements and her eyes are highlighted, one wide open looking straight ahead and the other slightly narrowed in profile.

The ashtray is crafted with the utmost care by the craftsmen of the House. The S.T. Dupont logo and a portrait of Jacqueline, wearing a straw hat, are stamped on the face of a piece. The porcelain ashtray is hand-painted and is also adorned with a silver top.

The collection consists of lighters, writing instruments and accessories.