After sales services

Your product is under guarantee

The S.T. Dupont guarantee is for 2 years from the date of purchase, subject to normal usage conditions and adherence to the instructions for use recommended by S.T. Dupont. In the event that the product needs to be repaired during this guarantee period, the repair will be undertaken by S.T. Dupont (parts and labor) except if:

  • The product has been subjected to shock, immersion, etc.

  • The problem has been caused by inappropriate handling, fair way and tear failure to maintain the product (eg. clogging).

  • The product has been repaired by a non S.T. Dupont person.

  • The product has been modified in any way from its original condition.

If you want the guarantee to be applied, please contact us and we will indicate the email address to send us details including a picture of the product, the guarantee card completed with the number, reference, date of purchase, the dealers identification, and a description of the issue. This is a requirement from S.T. Dupont France. Once received, we will contact you.

Your product is not under guarantee

Unfortunately, some products cannot be repaired. We will need to check if the product is reparable.

If the product can be repaired, the address to send your product will be given after payment.

The product will be sent to S.T. Dupont France expert team for repair.
The product will be repaired and send back to you via express courier. Overall, the full process takes approximately 10-12 weeks on average.

Picture of Lighter Repairs

Lighter Repairs

Picture of Pen Repairs

Pen Repairs